About the Office of the Village Clerk

Welcome to the Office of the Village Clerk, a cornerstone of Miami Shores Village governance. With a rich history and a commitment to transparency, accuracy, and integrity, our office serves as the primary conduit for the free flow of information between the Village and its residents.

Our Role:

The Village Clerk is not just a title; it's a pledge to uphold the traditions of local governance while adapting to the evolving needs of our community. As one of the oldest public servants in local government, the Village Clerk's role has expanded beyond merely being the keeper of records. Today, our office stands as a testament to the Village's commitment to transparency, accountability, and service excellence.


Official Record Keeper: We are entrusted with retaining, securing, and validating the official records of the Village, ensuring that historical and contemporary documents are accessible to all.

Corporate Secretary: As the Corporate Secretary to the Municipal Corporation, we attest to official contracts, agreements, and documents, ensuring their authenticity and validity.

Election Supervisor: Democracy is the bedrock of our community. We oversee the electoral process, qualifying candidates for municipal elections, and ensuring that every vote counts.

Services Provided:

Public Records Management: We oversee the management, retention, and lawful destruction of records in line with Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code.

Public Records Requests: Our office is the primary point of contact for all public records requests, ensuring timely and accurate responses.

Legislative Documents: We execute and distribute Ordinances and Resolutions, ensuring that legislative decisions are recorded and communicated effectively.

Village Code Maintenance: We are responsible for maintaining and updating the Village Code of Ordinances, ensuring that residents have access to the latest regulations and bylaws.

Public Notices: We publish public notices as mandated by law, ensuring that residents are informed about upcoming meetings, hearings, and other significant events.

Board Proceedings: We maintain records of all board proceedings, including Council meetings and Advisory Committee sessions, ensuring transparency in governance.

Our Commitment:

The Office of the Village Clerk is more than just an administrative entity; it's the heart of our Village's governance. We are dedicated to serving our residents with professionalism, ensuring that every interaction reflects our commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence.

Every day, we strive to bridge the gap between the Village and its residents, ensuring that everyone has a voice and that their concerns are addressed. We invite you to explore our services, reach out with any questions, and join us in our mission to keep Miami Shores Village a beacon of transparent and effective governance.

General Information
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Emergencies: Dial 911
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Ysabely Rodriguez
Village Clerk