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The Miami Shores Archives at Brockway Memorial Library consists of a collection of artifacts, photographs, newspaper clippings, public records, books, and other historical materials relating to the history of Miami Shores Village, in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The materials have been gathered from several sources, with the largest amount having come from the collection of C. Lawton McCall, a long-time Village Manager (1935-1968), and Dr. Thelma Peters, a historian who devoted most of her research to the northeast area of the county. Other sources include Brockway Memorial Library, Miami Shores Village Hall, and several individual donations from area residents. For many years, these collections were in storage and since many of the materials date from ca. 1925, they were in deteriorating condition.

In 1999, during the 50th anniversary celebration of Brockway Memorial Library, the Library Board of Trustees, together with members of the Miami Shores Historic Preservation Board, undertook the task of cataloging and properly storing these materials. For several months, volunteers and library staff sorted through more than one hundred site files, over five hundred real estate advertisements, and many photographs and books, as well as miscellaneous items, which were processed to be exhibited at a dedication ceremony that took place on March 25, 1999.
In 2002, an addition was made to the Library that included a dedicated space for storage and display of local historical documents and photographs, as well as rare and unique publications of local and state interest. Upon completion of the expansion, the Village’s holdings, which were being stored at Village Hall, were transferred to the Library’s Archives, where they are now permanently housed.

Today, the Archives function as a research facility, making these materials available to the general public for reference purposes. In addition, the Archives offer historic photographs and materials on display for residents and visitors interested in learning more about the history of Miami Shores.
The Archives is an ongoing project. Through donations and other sources, the collection continues to grow. Should you wish to visit the Archives for pleasure or study, please make an appointment by calling the Library at 305-758-8107. If you would like to make a donation, please contact the Library Director.

Miami Shores Village Archives at The Florida International University dPanther digital repository

Those wishing to make an appointment may call 305-758-8107 or send a request via email to

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