Planning & Zoning Board

Reviews and makes recommendations on development master plans, site plans and planned unit developments, including but not limited to building additions and renovations. Reviews the zoning ordinances and makes recommendations on revising the zoning appendix and ordinances including requests to convert a residential garage to living space. Businesses are reviewed for land use changes and sign applications are considered.
The Board is comprised of five residents appointed by the Village Council and serve for a term of two years.

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Meets:Monthly (except for August) at 6:30 PM. Please view the calendar for meeting and submittal dates.
Location: 9900 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores Village, Florida 33138
Board Liaison: TBA | 305-762-4864 | TBA

General Information
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Emergencies: Dial 911
10050 NE 2ND Avenue
Miami Shores,