Education Advisory Board




Following the blueprint established by the formation of Education Compacts between Miami Dade County Public Schools (District) and other local governments, the District and Miami Shores Village have partnered to bring together each organization's collective resources for the greater benefit of the students and citizens of Miami Shores Village. To view the Education Compact, please click here. 


Through this educational compact, the District and Village will strive to meet the educational needs of each child and enhance the learning opportunities for all. The Education Compact encompasses programs and/or projects that can be enriched, expedited, or better realized through collaborative efforts.


In addition to the areas of focus articulated in the Education Compact, the Education Advisory Board will explore avenues to help make Miami Shores Elementary School the residents' primary school choice option.


In January 2018, Miami Shores Village passed an ordinance creating an Education Advisory Board to recommend and facilitate ways and means to pursue implementation of the activities and outcomes detailed in the Education Compact. The Education Advisory Board is comprised of seven members and one ex-officio member appointed by the Miami Shores Elementary PTA.


Meet the Board:

 Tiffany Anderson  Leslie Fraser Dana Vignale
 Daniel Jimenez  Doug Garber  Patricia Walker
 Sylvie Duerkop  Antonio Netto  


To view the Education Advisory Board Minutes, please click here.