Please contact Public Works at 305-795-2210 with any questions.

Please contact Public Works at 305-795-2210 with any questions.

Residents are responsible for providing their own garbage cans. Each property is allowed two 30 gallon cans with secure locking lids. Garbage cans should be durable.

Garbage cans should be placed in your alleyway for pick-up by 6:30 AM on your collection day. If you do not have an alleyway, please have cans accessible in the side or backyard for pick-up.

  • Place only bagged household garbage in cans - no tiles, concrete or bricks.
  • Close the lids securely.
  • Containers should not exceed 50 pounds when full or they will not be picked up!

Please contact Public Works at 305-795-2210 with any questions.

Place all material in the recycle bin. DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS!

Recyclables must be placed in the GREEN recycling bin provided by the Village. Bins should be placed curbside by 6:30 AM on your scheduled recycling collection day.

Remove all metal lids, caps and rings from all containers. Rinse and dry if possible. Place paper at the bottom of the bin to prevent littering.

  • Plastic Bottles (Any # can be recycled)
  • Glass
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Mail
  • Paper
  • Small Cardboard Containers (like cereal boxes, juice boxes and cardboard milk cartons)
  • Cardboard Boxes *Flatten and cut into 2’ x 3’ section and place in bin.
  • Steel Cans
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Drink Boxes

Any recyclable material placed in plastic bags DOES NOT get recycled! It goes to the landfill!

If you need additional bins or replacements, please submit a request online or call Public Works at 305-795-2210.

Please contact Public Works at 305-795-2210 with any questions.

  • Do not recycle plastic containers that held motor oil, petroleum products, pesticides, herbicides or pool chemicals.
  • Do not recycle batteries.
  • Do not recycle paint containers.
  • Do not recycle aerosol cans
  • Do not recycle lids with rubber seals.
  • Do not recycle aluminum foil, trays, plates, pots or window frames.
  • Do not recycle pizza boxes.
  • Do not recycle styrofoam

Please contact Public Works at305-795-2210 with any questions.

Bulk trash should be placed in your alley by 7:00 AM on your area pick-up day.

Each day the Sanitation Division will designate an area for Bulk Pick-up. While staff will work to complete pick-up in that area on the designated day(s), inclement weather, mechanical or other issues may hinder pick-up in that area for that day. Click on the Bulk Trash Area for Today to find out where we will be!

Bulk pick-up occurs every two to three weeks on an East to West route through the Village.

Bulk pick-up consists of:

  • Yard waste, furniture, junk, old swing sets and other non-construction, non-hazardous materials.
  • Long items like 2x4s, branches, pvc pipe, etc. must be cut to no longer than 5 foot lengths and 2 inch diameters.
  • White goods (washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.), furniture, TVs, old cabinets and carpet may be placed out for pick-up.

We pick-up almost anything, with few EXCEPTIONS. We do NOT pick-up:

  • NO Building material like blocks, bricks, concrete, tile, drywall, boards with nails or roofing material.
  • NO Hazardous material or waste like car batteries, wet paint, pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals.
  • NO Car Parts.