Project description

The Comprehensive Plan or Comp Plan is a long-range policy document required to be maintained per Florida Statutes of all Florida local government. It is essentially a blueprint to guide the future development of Miami Shores Village in order to maintain a thriving, sustainable community. You can find the 2025 Comprehensive Plan here.

Recently, Miami Shores Village identified a series of internal inconsistencies in the 2025 Comprehensive Plan resulting from the 2018 Evaluation Appraisal Review (EAR) update, you can find the 2018 EAR here.   Specifically certain discrepancies were found between the text of the Future Land Use Element and the Future Land Use Map of the Plan that are not adequately supported by background data and technical analysis. It is critical that these discrepancies are corrected quickly to protect all Village property owners from having a potentially inaccurate land use designation on their property, which in turn may lead to incorrect property assessments and conflicting land use and zoning, among other risks.

To facilitate this process, the Village has issued a moratorium on all new development (excluding single-family homes) and retained the services of Calvin, Giordano and Associates, Inc., (CGA) – a consulting firm that specializes in municipal land use planning. The firm has been conducting public engagement sessions with the stakeholders, you can find their presentation here.

The Comp Plan Project Update goal is to create a clean slate in anticipation of the upcoming State-required Comp Plan Evaluation and Appraisal Review in 2022. In addition, the Village is required to provide a consistent Comp Plan to the State of Florida, Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). 

On April 18, 2022 we held an Open House-style public event with fully interactive boards and input solicitation. This event was attended by approximately 80 attendees that were able to listen to the presentations and participate during several Q&A sections. You can find the raw responses from the event here and still provide your feedback sending us an email or providing your feedback in our interactive Public Feedback link below.

The join workshop between the Village Council and the Planning Council was a success! If you want to review the presentation and additional information, please visit our Project Document section.

Our next step is to present the Comprehensive Plan amendments during a Special Planning Board meeting for their recommendation to the Village Council. This meeting will be on July 13 at 9900 NE 2 Ave at 6:30pm. The recommendations are available as part of the agenda package to the Board. If you are not able to participate in person, click here to share your questions / comments / suggestions.

You can still share your feedback in this webpage or email us at


Contact information

Claudia C. Hasbun, AICP
Planning, Zoning & Resiliency Director